new real estate agent guideNew real estate agents that haven’t gotten their license usually ask me what they should be doing in the meantime. This real estate agent guide will serve as a great source for you to get started as a professional. Before you get your license you’ve likely prepared in different ways. Some takes classes, intern at an office, or just read books and blogs. How you prepare for this journey is up to you but you’ve got to go all in. Don’t take the exam until you’re fully prepared to pass with flying colors. Let’s look at some steps to be a real estate agent.



There are some small things that we’ll all do when starting in real estate. And let’s face it – these things like getting business cards and starting a website are fairly easy.  You should do these things before you even get your license. Once you decide to be a new real estate agent, you need to start your social media and get professional pictures taken. You may end up being employed with a broker and they’ll provide some a website for you. The fact is that, once you actually get your license, you’re ready to sell and can jump right in. Because of this, you have to get the little things taken care of beforehand. Do not wait until after you’ve obtained your license to actually begin. If you’re doing all this prep work anyway you should be fully committed to being a real estate professional.



First things first:


You want to pick the right office to work at. Of course new agents don’t just start selling homes by themselves. You’ll start by working with an existing broker. Now, this can be a big name company or a person that has their own company. Here’s the thing, as a new real estate agent you’re still running your own business. Your broker is going to call a lot of the shots but you’re going to be managing your clients. The broker is going to support you both legally and practically. You’ll have an office space with them but will have to find your leads on your own. They will probably want you to conduct yourself in a certain way. Listen to what your broker wants from you because they’ve been in your shoes, just starting out. They’ve already learned a lot of hard lessons and can teach you a lot.


Keep Training


Throughout this real estate agent guide we will recommend that you continue to train. New real estate agents have a lot to learn but even real estate guidebooksseasoned agents and brokers continue learning. Even before you get your license you need to act just like you’ve already got it. This will better prepare you for what’s to come. Yes, you’re not getting paid yet but it’s kind of like being an intern. You get to learn and grow and as soon as you start talking to clients, you’re going to know what you’re talking about. This training you’re doing isn’t necessarily part of your normal coursework. As well, taking pre-license tests is more about teaching you how to pass the real exam. Getting your license most certainly doesn’t teach you how to be a real estate agent.


How to:

You need to train to learn how to make money and how to succeed in real estate. How do you find the business, generate and convert leads? You need to know how to make and sell a listing. How do you get buyers to sign an agreement to work with you exclusively? How do you handle negotiating contracts? These are things you’re not taught in pre-licensing. So when you get your license, you know just enough but not enough to be successful.



Now, there are several ways you can train. If you pick the right office, they may have new agent training. They may want to wait to hire you until you pass the licensing exam though. Let me let you in on a little secret… The more initiative you show, the easier it is to get hired. If you don’t have your license yet but are actively participating with a broker, they’re going to see you as an agent already. Get to know them, be vocal about wanting to succeed, and offer to do whatever you can for them right off the bat.


Spread the Word

spread the wordOne thing a lot of new real estate agents don’t do is start talking about their new career. It’s like they’re not sure it’s going to work out and don’t want to be embarrassed if they fail.  Let me tell you something, you will not fail as long as you try. So get the word out about your new career in real estate! The best thing to do is start talking about it right away. Post on social about your journey through classes, training, and getting a license. Not only can you inspire someone else but you’ll be showing friends and family all the hard work you’re doing. If you don’t say anything until the day you get your license, people won’t know what you’ve been through. And furthermore they’re not likely to trust you as an agent until you establish yourself in the industry.


There is a challenge a lot of new agents face and that’s not wanting to talk about what they’re doing. They think that if they haven’t made a bunch of sales that they won’t get people to trust them. Have you ever met someone that’s really enthusiastic about something? And do you question them about their enthusiasm? Of course not – you trust that they really enjoy this thing they’re so excited about. Basically, if you’re excited about your job and working hard toward a goal, others will feel your excitement. Doing a secret agent approach will get you nowhere; you have to be vocal and proud.


Final steps to be a real estate agent

Once you get your license, you can start helping buyers and sellers. success storiesBut until that point, I recommend spending as much time as possible exploring everything real estate. Get a job with a broker and let them know your goals. Or, contact an agent and offer to intern for them. If you can follow up with clients, schedule appointments, or file paperwork… It will give you an edge when you get your license. Nothing is beneath you before you’ve got your real estate license. And lastly, remember this time in your life because one day you’ll be on the flip side. You’ll be the one helping new agents, sharing your knowledge, and best of all – getting people in to the home they deserve!








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