help me find an agentThere are several keys to finding an effective real estate agent. Whether you’re buying or selling, a good real estate agent is the key to your success. Finding the best real estate agent for you isn’t too complicated, especially if you’re looking in the right places. Obviously, the USDRE is a great resource since they can match you up with a likeminded person. There are several things everyone should look for when choosing an agent so let’s talk about them.


Full Time Agent

Make sure the agent you decide to work with is working in real estate full time. The only reason not to take on a full time agent is if they are semi-retired from real estate. That means they have decades of experience and they simply don’t need to work full time. A lot of people go in to real estate thinking that it’s easy money. Sell one house a month and make a 10k commission – sounds great! But that’s not the realty of being an agent. First and foremost, an effective real estate agent is always working and getting a lot of experience when they’re new. You cannot learn what you need to learn without long days, working on weekends, and years of experience. Plus, you want an agent that will be there for you when you need them. A part time agent is not always flexible.


Communication should always be open. A good real estate agent understands that this is not your area of expertise – that’s why you hired them! They should be answering your questions and not making you feel bad about it. If an agent says, “Hey, just trust me!” Don’t. They should be explain their reasoning for wanting to make a particular decision in the buying or selling process. If they want to over price your home or negotiate in a certain way… You need to be comfortable with their method and they need to tell you about their method.



Choose an agent who’s personality you like. If you want an aggressive agent who’s agent matcha straight shooter; there’s plenty of those out there. Maybe you prefer a gentler approach. An effective real estate agent doesn’t conform to just one personality type. A good agent can work in all sorts of different ways and that gives you a benefit. Choosing someone that you could actually be friends with can help seal the deal. The USDRE uses “Agent Match” so you can find the perfect agent by filling out a short survey.



Do not choose to work with a family member unless you’re very confident in them. Yes, some of us have friends or family that are real estate agents and good ones at that! But most of us mention buying or selling a house and all of a sudden so and so can “help”. Don’t be pressured to use a friend or family member simply because you want to help them. A good real estate agent will want you to be happy – you don’t need to make them happy. What do you say if someone is pressuring you to choose them? Be honest – honesty is the best policy. Let them know you aren’t comfortable with it. Or that you’ve already found someone. Maybe you honestly don’t want something to go wrong and feel resentful toward them and have it ruin the relationship.



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