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The USDRE™ is a free search engine that home buyers and sellers use to find their ideal real estate agent.  We have a custom search-algorithm called Agent Match that analyzes people’s values, beliefs, and outlook on life to match them with Agents that they will work well with on both a personal and professional level.

Agents can get a free profile on USDRE and enjoy these benefits

  • Free Leads
  • Zero costs
  • Agent profile and Upload one photo
  • Add basic description + phone number
  • Verified Checkmark
  • Receive buyer/seller form Enquirys

A FREE profile listing in the USDRE gets you noticed, but upgrading to a premium listing will guarantee  results. 

*Optional Premium Upgrades

Be featured & rank in Top 3 in your zip code (click here)

Be featured & rank as #1 in your zip code (click here)


*For agents who qualify, a Premium profile listing can feature you as the TOP listing in your zip code. 

You will be verified by the USDRE and optimized to rank well using our Agent Match search algorithm.  We will highlight your profile in front of people that are certain to work well with you as they are in the process of buying, selling, or renting. 

Risk-free Home Transaction Guarantee

PREMIUM LISTING: 24-month GUARANTEE.  We guarantee: as a result of the listing you will get referrals/contracts from the DRE that results in commissionable sale(s) from a buyer/seller or we credit your account with us 100% of everything you’ve paid in FULL.


To Learn more about the benefits of a Premium listing & Guarantee click here


Our Goal at USDRE

We want to help people be successful in real estate.  Our first goal is to help people find a good real estate agent.  This makes their home transaction go as smooth as possible.   Before USDRE, there wasn’t any central place you could search to find an agent.  We get many comments from people that were relocating to a new city where they didn’t know anyone, but they used USDRE to find their agent who in turn helped them find their home which laid the foundation for a great start for their new job, new family, new opportunity, new start, etc. 


We also want to help agents too.  By connecting agents with clients they match well with, their job gets easier and if they service their client, that extra personal connection turns into MORE referrals from their client.  The statistics are grim when they show that a lot of agents do not last for two years in the real estate business after getting their license.  In real estate, it is all about who you know.   USDRE is a great start to make connections, get referrals, and get clients – at no cost.


If you have any questions, you can contact the USDRE on our contact page.  We are happy to answer any questions you have prior to activating your agent profile in the directory.  Starting with the free profile is an easy and effective way to spread your local marketing to a national audience so that you can be referred to people that are moving to your area from far away.  To get the best results possible – upgrading to a premium profile will feature you using our Agent Match search algorithm so you get better connections and referrals that are guaranteed to close on a home transaction with you.



Licensed Real Estate Agents should (click here) to get a Verified Premium Listing