USDRE™ Terms of Services

Last updated: 12/21/2022

Access and use of services provided by the US Directory of Real Estate (“DRE” aka “USDRE™”) are conditioned on your acceptance and compliance with these Terms of Service (“Terms”). By accessing and using this website and its services you agree to be bound by these Terms. Unless otherwise noted, these terms apply to all visitors, users, and others (hereafter “user” or “users”) who access or use the services provided by DRE through this website such as accessing user profiles (hereafter known as “profiles” or “listings”) or downloading other data from the USDRE™ website.  If there are any questions with regards to the Terms, please contact DRE through email at [tosComment @]  prior to use of this website or services.




The DRE will act to keep your private information private. DRE takes all due effort to use current technology available to us to encrypt, protect, and keep confidential the information you share with us that is private. This includes payment information, private phone numbers, private email address, etc.   Users private information is kept private at all times.  Users may also have public information.  These terms serve as written approval by you the User granting USDRE the right to disclose your public information in statements, announcements and other disclosures to third parties which may concern this agreement or its terms, the business relationship, or the transactions contemplated hereby.  Privacy Police located at the bottom of this page.


Accounts & Usage

Using DRE is free. Some account types are free. Some accounts require funding to operate. Accounts not in good standing may be subject to cancellation. Funds added to an account are typically refundable within 30 days and any funds held on an account, known as credits, are typically transferable to another account after 30 days.



Home Transaction Guarantee (applicable only to the premium listing plan)

a.  By paying for a premium listing, DRE provides a guarantee that the listing will get at least one referral and contract from service that results in a commission-able sale from a buyer or seller.   This is considered ‘Risk-free’ to the user because if the user does not get any commission-able contracts, then the DRE will provide the user’s account a credit of 100% of the monthly premiums that they have paid. The guarantee is applicable on active accounts in good standing.  

b.  DRE relationships are built on trust and we want to make sure our users are satisfied. If user notifies DRE on any listing that is in good standing that 1) they did not receive any commission-able sales contracts, or 2) if the user is simply unhappy for any reason, then DRE will credit the user’s account 100% of the costs of what the user paid to DRE for the premium listing including the cost of applicable setup fees and all listing upgrades.

c.  Credits from this guarantee will be made within 3-5 business days after finalizing the application for the guarantee and will be issued only toward user’s account with DRE. Credits may be used for future listing services. The guarantee is only applicable to the Premium listing and is not applicable on any related services that we promote (e.g. marketing services, design services, advertising, etc)



Prohibited Activities

This website and services are provided for lawful real estate related activities. DRE does not tolerate any illegal, immoral, or unethical behaviors. All activities should conform with federal law, state laws, local rules, and regulations of the United States and a user’s jurisdiction. Racial or hateful content is prohibited. As well, DRE requires user’s conduct to fall within normal and acceptable business conduct. We also discourage hurtful content however if it is something one would normally expect during a lifetime of doing business, it may not necessarily be a prohibited activity as we do value the freedom of speech and expression.



Transfer ability

Accounts are transferable. The current user must contact DRE with instructions to transfer the listing, contract, or account credits to another user. Once a transfer is performed a user cannot request it to be reversed but it may be transfer back by authorization of the new account holder.




Users may cancel logins/registrations at any time and cease doing business with DRE by providing notification to DRE. Notification must be submitted ten (10) days in advance of the billing date. Users MUST receive notice from DRE that DRE is aware of the users request to cancel before their renewal comes due. It is the user’s responsibility to confirm that the DRE is aware the user wants to cancel. DRE will send the user an email confirmation as soon as the DRE becomes aware of user’s intent to cancel.  



Financial Transactions

A.  Account credits are not refundable and are only applicable toward future listing services with the DRE. Unless otherwise stated, account credits typically expire after 36 months.


B. Payments shall be made on time.  If a payment is declined we will notify you and you will have up to 30 days to add funds to your account to make the payment.  Frequently declined payments may incur a $20 charge per declined transaction in addition to the amount billed.  


C.  If we receive notification of a chargeback, decline, reversal, payment dispute, or are charged a penalty for any fee we previously charged to your Payment Method, you agree that we may pursue all available lawful remedies in order to recoup any and all costs and fees, including the cost of Services, incurred by DRE as the results of declines, chargebacks, or other payment disputes brought by you, your bank or Payment Method processor.


D.  If an account goes inactive due to payment processing problems and USDRE has to initiate collection procedures to recoup past due bills as per paragraph (B) or (C), an account termination fee of $250 will be assessed.  There may also be account reactivation fees to reestablish the account.


E. If you have a balance due that remains past due and enters collections, a late fee of $50 per month will be added for each month the debt remains outstanding.



In good standing

User’s account is considered to be not in good standing if a user:

  1. fails to make a payment on time within the prior 90 days,

  2. fail to make three payments on time within 12 months,

  3. harasses other users, or

  4. engages any prohibited activities or otherwise violates any of the Terms or other agreements with DRE.

  5. has an outstanding (unpaid) balance



[ Intentionally Left Blank ]




Contact between DRE & USERS

A.  Users agree that by submitting your contact information, you are providing your express written consent to receive communications from us at the email address and telephone numbers you entered into our contact form, or that you later provide to us or enter into your contact page.  You agree to receive E-mails, calls, and texts. These communications may include telemarketing messages, through the use of email, landline phone, fax, cellular phone, and text messages (including sms and mms) and autodialing. We may use an automatic telephone dialing system (or “auto-dialer”), which may employ an artificial or pre-recorded voice or “robotexts.” Your carrier’s standard rates and charges may apply.  

B.  Revoking consent and opting out. You may revoke your consent to receive text communications at any time by replying “stop” to any of our texts, or by any other reasonable means. We will make a commercially reasonable effort to comply with any communications from you repling “stop.” We may take up to 30 days to stop communications if you use a method other than the automatic reply “stop.” You consent to receive a final text message confirming your opt-out. You may revoke your consent to receive automated email communications by using the “unsubscribe” link in a bulk email or on the website or by any other reasonable means. We will make a commercially reasonable effort to comply with any communications from you opting out of email, but “unsubscribe” will automatically revoke your consent to further automated email communications, and we recommend that method. We may take up to 30 days to stop email communications if you use a method other than “unsubscribe”.  Emails sent manually to users can not be unsubscribed as it is not a subscription.


C.  Communication frequency. How often we send you communications will vary, because the person who communicates with you will determine it. It is the user’s responsibility to keep their contact information in their profile updated at all times. DRE may be contacted through the information on the “Contact the DRE” page on this website. Your consent here also serves as your express written consent to electronic communications from us in the past.


D.  You represent and warrant that:

  1. You are at least 18 years old
  2. You live in the united states 
  3. You have not registered on a national or statewide do not call list
  4. You are the account holder for the email addresses and phone numbers you provided, or you have consent from the account holder.


Limitation on Liability

Users agree that they will and do hold DRE harmless from any liability from both financial and non-financial harm that users experience by using our platform. Such harm includes, but is not limited to, stress, aggravation, emotional pain, financial losses, embarrassment, torts, defamation and libel.



a.   Jurisdiction

All claims and demands for arbitration must be made in the jurisdiction of DRE and those local laws will be applied to this contract and any dispute between DRE and the user. Each paragraph of this agreement is its own provision.


b.   Arbitration

All disputes arising out of use of the website or any of DRE’s services will be arbitrated at the cost of the initiator of the dispute. Arbitration will take place in a jurisdiction of DRE.  


c. Remedy

Disputes arising from violations of this agreement which are found in favor of USDRE will be remedied by recouping the arbitration costs, attorneys fees, and a management cost to cover the time involved with USDRE officers.  This management cost will increase from $145 per hour to $195 per hour as of September 10 2018.  This remedy is separate from compensatory and punitive damages which will be calculated during the dispute.



Non Affiliation

DRE is not affiliated with the United States Government or ANY government. The USDRE is a independent & private company



Additional Terms

You agree to the additional terms regarding content



Contact USDRE™

The USDRE™ can be contacted through the following methods



If there are any questions with regards to the Terms, please contact USDRE™ through email at [tosComment @]  prior to use of this website or services.