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The USDRE is a community-driven site and editing or removing reviews or other user content is not something we take lightly.  In fact, our moderators can only take editorial action after receiving a report of errors or abuse.  Our moderators will check that reported content against our Editorial Guidelines which dictate which content USDRE is allowed to edit/remove; and if we believe the content does violates those guidelines we will remove it and message the user to let them know.  


Valid reasons that we may remove a review from our directory


If a review is more than 30 months old it can be removed if there have been no other similar reviews made publicly about the agency.



A reviewer can choose to remove or update their review anytime.



If the reviewer does not respond to a dispute claim within 30 days, a review may be deemed invalid until they do respond.



If it is an anonymous review that is disputed by the profile-holder or agency, the review may be able to be deleted.



If the review makes statements that are proven to be false, the review is be able to be deleted.



If the reviewer or content of review can not be verified in a timely manner, it may be able to be deleted.



If the review is completely opposite from public sentiment the review may be able to be deleted.



If the the review was left for the wrong person the review is able to be deleted.  



If the review violates our terms of service or our content guideline, it can be deleted.



If a review reveals non-public information that is personal and private, that information may qualify to be removed.



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To request a review be removed for any of the reasons stated above, click here.

The Fresh Start Program

The US Directory of Real Estate offers a Fresh Start program for any agency that has a less-than-stellar rating on USDRE.com. With the Fresh Start Program, we will help you clean up the ratings on your profile at no cost.  


This is a program for an agency to clean up their online reputation by: 1. Attesting there has been a significant change in the behavior that is stated in the review or that the reviews are not valid and do not represent you  and 2. By demonstrating that the behavior has changed by getting people you know to write an honest review about you.


The Fresh Start program is a 180 day module – after entering the Fresh Start program, the USDRE will remove one low review for every two 5 Star reviews you get while in the program.  You can ask your friends, family, associates, and customers to leave you reviews – there is no sign-in required.  We only require the reviews be honest.


Not all reviews qualify to be removed under the Fresh Start Program. We don’t want agents to have bad reviews but we do want to alert the community if there is a bad agent out there. If an agency is actually different than what is suggested in the review, we believe it is best to give the community the most accurate information by removing information that has been proven to be inaccurate.  


To enter the Fresh Start Program – Fill out the form below  and we will send you information on what actions you will need to take to enter the program and remove unwanted reviews. There is no cost for this service.

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