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The DRE specializes in real estate agents, but we also are home to Escrow Agents, Property Managers, and more. We start with a simple vetting process to find qualified agents. Then we ask what you are specifically looking for such as your timeframe, area, budget, etc so we can match you with agents that can help you.

How is the DRE different from Zillow, Trulia, Yelp, Realtor.com, and others?

Unlike many real estate websites, the DRE does not recommend agents based on any financial compensation from the agent.

Agents can list for FREE in the DRE, and they can pay a nominal fee to be featured in the search listings if they are verified as licensed in their state. It’s as simple as that, no commission-based preference, no referral fees, and no broker agreements.



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Even if you are in the beginning stages of buying or selling a home, consulting with a licensed real estate agent can clarify questions you may have. When you think you are ready, get started today by filling out the form and we will pair you up with an agent or broker who is eager to help you with this important decision.