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starting a familyStarting a family is a joyous occasion, even if you aren’t ready for it. I mean, can you ever really be ready? Sure, you can be prepared but once you have your first child, everything changes. One of the first things people think about when they start growing their family is the living situation. If you’re in a small apartment or living with in-laws, you’re probably thinking about getting a place of your own. For a lot of us, it seems like a far off dream… Finding the perfect family home. Getting to create memories with your children that will last a lifetime. Waking up on Christmas day, hunting for Easter eggs in the back yard. Having friends and family over for barbecues. It may seem unattainable in your mind but it is possible. Perfect is what you make it!


The first step to finding the perfect family home is to have a great real estate agent. Now, obviously find your dream real estate agentyou’re reading this on USDRE, a coveted site for agent searches. But we don’t give bad recommendations; which is why buyer and sellers love the site. We make it easy to search agents in your buying or selling area. We have a comprehensive list of reviews for you to read and give their contact info to you easily. You don’t have to sign up or anything. What we do recommend to home buyers and sellers is to fill out our agent match form. This is a wonderful algorithm we’ve created to match you with the perfect agent.  An agent with a personality type to match yours is worth its weight in gold!


Get Prepped?

So maybe you’re preparing to find a home or just thinking about it for the future. Either way it’s fine. Preparation is great but sometimes we simply don’t have time to prepare! Some people already have a family in a good living situation but something happens and changes are required. Or another baby is on the way and that cute two bedroom is no longer enough space. Sometimes we just grow out of our place and want a change. Finding the perfect home is usually a vision of what could be.

Surely you’ve perused lifestyle accounts on social media that depict clean, white furniture amidst a bevy of kids. This is not the best way to create memories with your children. Look at the comments and you’ll see multiple people asking, “How do you keep your house so clean?!” Well, what they never show you is the mess in the corner. It’s always just out of camera view.





Don’t feel pressured into trying to live that “perfect” life. It doesn’t exist. It’s an ad. What’s funny is that even people on social media tell their followers it’s not real. But that’s part of the lie, you know? You see it every day and occasionally someone you follow says, “This isn’t real you guys, it’s just a snippet!” But then the next post is kids behaving while the parents are having a relaxing quiet evening. All in the same house. And that’s how they portray nearly every evening. Your perfect home is not going to be someone else’s perfect home, remember that. The reality of life is that maybe the yard hasn’t been mowed in a month. Or your couch is so old that the cushions are sagging. How about that time of night when the kids are asleep and the house is actually quiet?



Perfection itself

Finding the perfect family home is actually much more about the family. Yes, you should spend a minute finding a great Realtor. You should get your finances in order and go on showings. You should do inspections and check out different neighborhoods. Are there other kids in the area? How are the schools and what grade level do they go up to? When you go on showings you will undoubtedly imagine yourself making dinner in the kitchen. This family home should be an upgrade from your previous residence. That means you will think of all the differences and how great it will be. And it will be great if you want it to be. If you really living in each moment and enjoy the chaos.


You thought this was going to be an article about the technical aspect of choosing a home. No, we have other articles for that! This is about making your choice perfect and getting to create memories with your children that you’ll all remember.



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