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When people decide they are going to buy or sell a home, it’s going to be a team effort.  A qualified real estate agent makes the process so much easier.  The problem is that most buyers and sellers choose a real estate agent haphazardly.  This is because there are plenty of ways to search for homes but there wasn’t a good way to search for real estate agents.  


We decided to make a search engine where people can research and review licensed real estate agents using a proprietary matching algorithm that pairs buyers and sellers with a qualified agent. 


The US Directory of Real Estate Agents and Brokers (the US DRE) is an independent & private company that started as a small list of trusted real estate agents. Over the years, the US DRE has grown into a national resource that connects real estate professionals with customers from all over the country. 

Click here to contact USDRE: https://usdre.com/contact-the-dre/

The US Directory of Real Estate is a completely FREE service – We help people connect with real estate agents.


How USDRE is serving the community

We are a Search Engine that people use to find local businesses, specifically – real estate agents.


We profile personalty types and match people who will work well together based on the principals of goodness of fit.


We give about a dozen matched referrals to each user so they can choose who they want to work with.


How USDRE is helping Real Estate Agents

We allow agents to get a profile for free.  Our system analyzes who they are and who they seek to do business with. People get matched with the agent and contact them directly.


We don’t charge for referrals or sell leads or charge fees or percentages.


Real Estate Agents can get referred, get clients, and get community reviews – at no cost.


USDRE is an incredible tool for any city, it is an amazing business. Keep doing your thing!

Rachel StuhlmannVideo LinkProfessional Tennis Coach

I love that there is a directory so that you can make the best educated decision for yourself so make sure that you check out USDRE.com

Joy VillaVideo LinkSinger, Songwriter

USDRE.com - it's an amazing website. One of the best website's I've ever been on - this website, no BS, it just takes you - there!

Greg RogstadVideo LinkMovie Actor, Homeowner

You can use USDRE at your own pace to find a real estate agent. They make it really easy to find someone you'll have a good professional and personal relationship with. Check out their website.

Brent StoverVideo LinkCBS Sports Network

Well done, on what USDRE is doing in the real estate space. Leads Matter and so agents need to start looking around the corner. Do you know what I'm saying?

Grant CardoneVideo LinkCEO, Real Estate Investor

USDRE.com it's a directory of real estate - pretty darn easy, and it's free!

Zack GiffinVideo LinkA&E TV's Tiny House Nation

Check out the US directory of Real Estate - it's a free search engine that lets home buyers and sellers find agents.

Ashley SmithVideo LinkPolice Officer

If you're in the market buying or selling, you should check out usdre.com. It's a really cool site. I enjoyed it.

OmarosaVideo LinkPolitical Aid to Donald Trump

I just purchased a home so I know how important it is to have a real estate agent on board. I came across USDRE.com, they can help - Check them out

Jini JuneVideo LinkSinger, Songwriter

USDRE is a wonderful idea! A very good, functional, very useful and free service.

Kevin O'Leary (aka Mr Wonderful)Video LinkTV's Shark Tank, Investor, CEO

Congratulations to USDRE, you're doing good work helping people find their dream home.

Daymond JohnVideo LinkTV's Shark Tank, Investor, CEO

USDRE will help you solve a problem much faster than the normal way of going about doing it. Thanks for offering that free search engine to all of us.

Madison HildebrandReal Estate AgentMillion Dollar Listing Los Angeles

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