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When people decide they are going to buy or sell a home, it’s going to be a team effort.  A qualified real estate agent makes the process so much easier.  The problem is that most buyers and sellers choose a real estate agent haphazardly.  This is because there are plenty of ways to search for homes but there wasn’t a good way to search for real estate agents.  

USDRE 2018 MAP Real Estate Agent Profiles


We decided to make a search engine where people can research and review licensed real estate agents using a proprietary matching algorithm that pairs buyers and sellers with a qualified agent. 


The US Directory of Real Estate Agents and Brokers (the US DRE) is an independent & private company that started as a small list of trusted real estate agents. Over the years, the US DRE has grown into a national resource that connects real estate professionals with customers from all over the country. The US DRE is a free service to both agents and consumers.  Click here for information about our initials US DRE.


USDRE is owned and operated by TopRealtyServices.com Cheyenne Wyoming, USA.  est. 2008, © 2019

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