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Find a great homeAs you’re looking for a home to buy, you want signs you found the right house. In what ways do you know you found the right home though? Knowing how to choose the right home can be difficult. There’s honestly a lot of choices out there at any given time. The last thing you want is to make a poor choice because this is such a massive investment.


You’re out there, and you’ve gone from looking at homes online to viewing homes in person. It’s a constant struggle to find something perfect. But maybe you see something great and decide to move forward on it. I’d like to give you three bullet points to pay attention to while doing your home search. The first thing is that an ethical real estate agent will never pressure you into buying a house. They should ask you questions, gather insight and learn how better to assist you. But they should not pressure you. Secondly, if you have a gut feeling, don’t dismiss it. If it feels right, it is right. If it doesn’t, it’s not. The third one is not to sleep on a decision that otherwise feels right. If a house is everything you want, the price is right, etc. Why would you take extra time to continue to think it over? Chances are, another offer could go in and you lose your upper hand. This goes back to listening to your gut feeling.


Finding the Right Home


So let’s go ahead and go into the 10 ways to know that you found the right house. The first one is you really want to go inside. I mean kind of a no brainer. Right?  You want to see if those pictures online match the real life version. Get in the habit of grading those pictures online between a one star and a five-star rating. And keep them in mind when you see the house in person. A good real estate photographer will make an image look inviting but still real. Have you seen any real estate photography that looked amazing and then you saw it in person… And it left you stunned? The worst one/type I’ve seen is when a photographer actually added a gorgeous view behind a house. In reality, the view was a dilapidated field. So, the point is when you see it online and you simply cannot wait to see it in person.


The second way to know that you found the right house is that the house embraces you the moment that you enter. You know that moment you’re holding your breath before you walk in the door. And then your first step in is everything you imagined it would be. You’ve only been in there for like three seconds and it just feels like home. It’s like all the tension and stress of your home buying process fades away. When you’re in the right house, it will feel like home. And that’s something that you should know. If it greets you, warms you hugs you, it loves you. Your home.


Bathroom Feels

beautiful bathroomThis is going to sound odd but you want to feel comfortable in the bathroom. I once went in to a bathroom where everything was oddly positioned and wondered how anyone lived with it. There was one cabinet across the room next to the shower but not the sink. The towel rack was behind the door and not near the shower. It was just weird. Yeah, a lot of that stuff you can easily change but it’s a place you need to feel comfortable. If there’s too much work to do it’s going to be a burden.


The fourth way to know you found the right home is the kitchen space. Kitchens are expensive to upgrade/expand. If you step in to the kitchen and feel like the area is too small… That’s going to put a damper on things. The best kitchen reaction I’ve seen is this… A client walked in, threw her hands up in the air and did a smiling twirl across the room. Everyone could feel her happiness. That’s what you should feel too.



N e i g h b o r h  o o d   V i b e s

Living in a great neighborhood is something everyone wants. When you pull up to a showing and the neighborhood is clean and quiet… If it makes you feel at ease, you may have found the right home. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you feel uncomfortable with what you see it’s probably a no go. This is a place you want to feel safe. You don’t want bad neighbors or arguments with anyone. These people know where you live after all!


The sixth pro tip is that you hit it off with the home’s current owner. Not just being politeFriends to one another but actually liking each other! This is one of the key ways to know you found the right home. Why? Because people that like each other are usually honest. Finding common ground and feeling good about the owner is a major plus.


You know what another great way to know you found the right home is? That the lighting in the house is amazing. Not the fixtures per se – those can always be upgraded. But the natural light; that’s what you want to shine. I can’t tell you how many people end up saying how dark their home is. And trying to install extra windows is rough. Knocking out large pieces of wall and fitting glass… Not something you want to do later.



The eighth thing is that you want to stop looking at other homes. You start telling people, ”This is it. This is my home.” Regardless, you want to keep an open mind until home photographyyour offer gets accepted. Don’t get into a position where you became fixated on a property. If someone else does the same it can go in to a bidding war. It’s great to do everything that you can to win the bidding war if that’s the right house for you. But if you feel strongly about that property, go for it. In fact, more power to you! That means this is likely the house for you!


The ninth thing is that you can’t wait to tell all your friends and family about the house. Or showing people pictures… “That’s my closet! That’s my tub!” And on and on. So when you’re into the point where you’re telling everybody about it, you’re obviously hooked. This is a good thing because it’s really reassuring to yourself.


The tenth and final way to know you found the right home is this: That every thought in your mind tells you the buy the house. If there’s something less than ideal, you’re ready to fix it. But likely most things about the home are ideal anyway. Think about it. When you’re ready and willing to make commit to changes it’s usually because you care. If you care deeply about this house before you’ve even made an offer… I’d bet money that this is your place.  Congratulations.




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