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Home pricingHere are six pro tips that you can use right now to plan out your pricing strategy. Knowing how to price your home is a key element in the selling process. When your house doesn’t sell fast, people say you priced it too high. When it sells too fast, people will say you priced it too low. In reality, the sale (or not) of a home depends on a lot of factors. Maybe you did price it incorrectly and that’s what we want to avoid. Ask yourself, “What is my home worth… To someone else?” What it’s worth to you will undoubtedly be more.



First one, definitely consider pricing at fair market value. Too many sellers want to make sure they make a large profit off their home. Yeah, you want to make some money but do not overprice your home. You want a potential buyer to see your price and essentially agree with you about it. Fair market value is when you and your buyer can agree on a reasonable price. There shouldn’t be too much negotiation when the home is fairly and reasonably price. But, a little negotiation is fun so expect a little back and forth with your buyer.


Let’s talk percentages…

Secondly, consider pricing your home between 1% and 3% less than fair market Home pricingvalue. So, how can you get fair market value by under pricing your home? You never have to accept an offer; keep that in mind. But if you slightly under price your home there’s a potential for a lot of interest. If there’s lots and lots of showings, there may be more offers. More offers means you have more room for negotiation. One person may want to outbid someone else and now you’ve gone above the value of your home. Consider hiring an independent appraiser. You can then upsell the fact that you have an appraisal on the property. And if you choose a price slightly less, you can boast to your buyer about it. After all, who doesn’t want to deal.


The third tip is pricing with a strategy in mind. Of course there’s always a strategy in mind but if you legitimately want to get $500,000 for your home, consider pricing it at $499,999. It’s a one dollar difference that has a huge effect!  Many of us have our limits on what we’ll spend on something. This works with investments purchases as well. If our limit is $500k, spending $499k means we’ve successfully gone under our budget.


selling a homeThe fourth pro tip is waiting to list your home for sale until you’re in a seller’s market. There’s no hard and fast way to determine when the market will tip toward sellers though. For this to work you may have to play the waiting game…


Buyer’s market?

Now the fifth pro tip is if you’re in a buyer’s market… You may want to consider offering the buyer concessions. If there are not enough qualified buyers in the market, you’ll need to do something to get that sale. A popular concession is offering to pay the buyer’s closing costs. You can also offer to pay for their inspections or throw in other perks. Start with the lower cost concessions and go from there.


The sixth tips is one is if you’re in a stabilized market. You need to be prepared to negotiate. More than likely you’re going to have a haggle here. But that’s okay! You’re real estate agent should be well versed at negotiations. And be prepared not to take things too seriously. This is the time when you want to get friendly with your buyer. If they start mentioning all the things that are wrong, look at their criticisms with open eyes. Basically, don’t get upset and write them off. If they say, “I don’t like the wall color in the living room!” Don’t counter with, “Well I love it!” Say something like, “What color would you prefer? I think we can make it happen…” Even though you have a real estate agent working with you, you’re a sales person too.



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