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 As an Agent, Broker, or Realtor you want to be listed in the Directory of Real Estate so when people are searching the US DRE they will find you.  The US DRE returns BETTER results than Yelp, Zillow, Homelight, or anyone else.  And, we’re 100% free for agents to get listed and get referrals.  We do not charge broker fees, or sell leads, or charge for listings.



We do this  using our proprietary search algorithm called Agent Match which matches buyers and sellers personalities with agents based on the principals of goodness of fit. 


If you are a real estate agent, you can get clients referred to your profile, they will research you, and if they like you, they will contact you.  Leads will be chasing after you rather than you chasing after them.  This is the best possible contact an agent can get – a referral.

How does Agent Match work?

Through a short questionnaire during the upgrade process, we will analyze who you seek to be doing business with; then our Agent Match algorithm will incorporate existing data about you (like where you have had home transactions in the past, community feedback about you, and other factors.)  We then use a neural computer network plus personality matching to discover the factors that our registered home buyers and sellers are seeking so we can match them the best possible referrals.  

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home transaction guarantee

Agent Match works so well, we guarantee home sale(s)

24 Month, Risk-Free Home Transaction Guarantee:

We guarantee as a result of the premium listing, you will get referrals/contracts from the DRE that results in commissionable sale(s) from a buyer/seller or we credit your account with us 100% of everything you’ve paid in FULL.

  • Featured in top results in your Zip code
  • Near Top of results for surrounding Zip codes
  • Upload 10 photos
  • Add Links to Multiple websites
  • Verified Checkmark
  • Receive buyer/seller form Enquirys
  • Add a Video
  • Customized URL


There are no broker fees, commission fees, percentage fees, etc.  

Note: We also have lower-tier plan which will rank you in the top 3 result in your Zip Code instead of #1.  It is a lower monthly cost, but it does not carry the same guarantee as this premium plan.  Click here to read more about our Top 3 Service Plan.



Homeowners DO NOT want their personal information aggregated by lead businesses and then sold off to agents only to receive a bunch of unsolicited calls, emails and text messages.  That is the reason most Internet leads are unqualified and unwilling to move forward.  At USDRE, we keep peoples personal information private by referring them directly to an agent that we know they will work well with.  That is why we get better referrals than any other real estate source. 
Best of all, after the home transaction, USDRE users are 10 times more likely to refer you as their Agent when compared to your typical client.




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