become a realtorOne of the things that has always amazed me when I first got in real estate is how we’re taught.  The first thing they started teaching us was how to generate leads, prospect, and get an appointment with buyers.  So what’s next? “Sell a home to the buyer” they say. It left me thinking about how to find home sellers. After a lot of experience, I wanted to make a Realtor’s guide to listings. So, if you’re wondering how to get real estate listings, you’re not alone. Sellers aren’t always going to contact you or your Broker so you’ve got to go find them. And if you don’t have ads out there as a seller’s listing agent, newbies won’t think of you as one. Let’s focus this section on how to get more real estate listing. And you probably already guessed that a big part of this is preparation.



Working with buyers is mostly pretty easy, right? A buyer is interested in buying a home with certain features in a certain area. As a buyer’s agent, you find a home that meets their criteria and take them on a showing. They make an offer or they don’t and you make the next step depending on their choice. Who sells their home, though?  As a guide to get more listings, I want to tell you that a lot of people have the potential to sell. As a powerful listing agent, part of your job is to make someone feel comfortable selling. Home listings don’t always pop out of blue – you have to find home sellers. If one comes to you, great. But it isn’t always that easy. In fact, most of the time it isn’t easy at all.



So in this section, I want to talk about one simple strategy: Preparation. And then I’m going to share Listing strategieswith you why this is so critical. It always surprises me when experienced agents don’t take the proper steps to get more listings. Brand new agents get a bit of a pass. If you don’t currently do the steps of preparation I’m about to lay out for you – start now. Getting the appointment to get the listing is going to make you a much better Realtor.



First of all, your pre-listing information has to be prepped. Honestly, have packets or a checklist ready to go so you can refer to that as you get appointments. Pre-listing information includes getting your client prequalified, a CMA, and listing documents. Having packets ready means you can set an appointment and get that info right to the client.


Next up is your actual presentation to your client. This is your time to sell them on selling! Yes, you probably already have a script but this is a little more in depth. Because a script is just words and rebuttals, think of the presentation as your act. Show up ready to wow everyone. Bring figures and statistics and don’t forget to show them how you can make them money on their sale. How to get real estate listings depends largely on your sales approach in entirety.


Know your paperwork


realtor paperworkIn this Realtor’s guide to listings I need to mention the paperwork. Sure, it’s not as exciting as everything else but it is necessary. The paperwork includes disclosures, contracts, and the listing agreement. You need to know about these documents inside and out. I talk to a lot of agents that have never read a listing agreement. Read and know all the documents you give to the client. This becomes easier over time as you get used to the process but start right away and actually read them. If your client has questions, you want to be there to explain.


Once you get the listing, you’ve got to know what to do to get it to sell for top dollar. Have a selling process in place.  One of the worst experiences that an agent can have is to take a listing and then not sell it. Can you imagine that? If you didn’t really have a plan or you laid everything out but didn’t follow a plan, you’re just not well prepared. Putting it on the MLS is one thing but you otherwise have to have a selling process that you abide by. That’s finding buyers, social media, ads, open houses, etc.



Do the Prep Work

prepping for realtors

And then with all of that preparation done, suit up, every day to get real estate listings. Real estate agents are at the mercy of their clients. This doesn’t mean you can never take a day off but you basically have to be prepared every day. Take a change of clothes in the trunk of your car if need be. And if you think that sounds crazy, let me ask you this… Are you going to let a 5k commission go because it’s Sunday afternoon? Or because it’s a Tuesday at 8pm? No way! If you have a serious buyer that needs you to work with your schedule, you work with their schedule!



Here’s the most powerful thing, you change when you show up and are completely prepared. Preparation is reflected in your expectations and buyers and sellers will see that as well.  Have you ever heard someone talks about something they like to do but they have other priorities? I always want to offer advice but I know that we all have to motivate ourselves. You have to motivate yourself in whatever way will best serve you. I like to have checklists, talk to other agents, and stay up on the markets. I have a friend that has her whole social media filled with homes, Realtors, design, etc. How to get real estate listings? Stay motivated, stay prepared, and you’ll get more listings than you’ll know what to do with!






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