Branding for realtorsSo, let’s talk about how to brand yourself as a Realtor. There’s actually a lot of misconception about branding in this regard. I want to talk about both what to do and what not to do when we’re branding. Honest real estate agents will always come out on top and that’s why it’s important to be truthful with clients. This is a major part of branding that isn’t usually discussed. The best real estate agents know all about the housing market, negotiation, interpersonal skills, marketing, etc and branding. Like I’ve said before, being a Realtor means running your own business and wearing a lot of hats.



What you don’t want


You do not want your branding to be disingenuous, misleading, or downright false. Believe it or not, a lot of new real estate agents think they’re better off fudging numbers. They think that inflating the number of sales they’ve made will help them get more clients. The problem is, without the actual experience, you simply won’t know what you’re doing. Clients will immediately wonder what’s going on… “This person said they had thirty sales – shouldn’t they know the paperwork that’s needed for my situation?” Giving false information could also lead to legal ramifications. Honest real estate agents are completely transparent.


Furthermore, you don’t want your branding to be disingenuous. You shouldn’t focus on boasting; as if you’re the best real estate agent to ever live. If you’ve ever seen a bad ad you know what I’m talking about. It’s completely off-putting and makes you dislike the person or product immediately. These types of branding are typically short lived as companies tend to realize their sales aren’t what they should be.


trustworthy realtors

How to Brand Yourself as a Realtor



So, what should you do for branding? The best way to brand yourself as a Realtor is to use your best traits. As well, talk about your training, love for what you do, and always stay honest. Stay active online and with clients.  And that means making sure you’re returning calls, texts, and emails in a timely manner. Now, branding itself is somewhat puzzling. It could be called marketing consistency, as a matter of fact. You’re associating yourself with a particular image of who you are and how you work.


First off, I hope you didn’t start doing real estate if you don’t like it. If you’re only here for a 10k commission and don’t actually like the job, you will not do well. You need to be an honest real estate agent, personable, patient, and you’ve got to like helping people. Yes, negotiation skills, knowledge of the housing market are important… But the most successful, best real estate agents are those that want to help others.


Secondly, you must be trustworthy. Sure, you may work for a Broker but you are your own brand as a Realtor. No matter what, you have to be honest with your clients about everything – disclosures, costs, paperwork, repairs, etc. If there’s something they aren’t aware of it could come back on you personally and legally.


great realtors

There are a lot of great Realtors out there. Why would someone choose you? That’s what you have to ask yourself in order to brand yourself as a Realtor. Think about who you are and what your motivation is for choosing this career path. And use that to create your brand. It should include delivering results, being available, saving and making clients money, and having connections with contractors. You should be excited to work with people!

Branding Made Easy

When you brand yourself as who you are anyway, it’s easy! And that’s the best way to build on your brand… You’re exhibiting your normal assets to every client. There’s no wondering if you’re on brand or doing it wrong – you’re just being you. In this digital world we’re all living in now you can guarantee that people are craving realness. Honest real estate agents always do better than shady ones. If you can master that, you’ll get clients that want to work with you. And they’ll spread the word about how great you are. They’ll leave you reviews, post online, and tell everyone they know; there’s nothing better than working with a fantastic Realtor.





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