become a real estate agentHow do you approach your first days in real estate to succeed with speed? I am going to detail three important tips that must be part of your routine for 30 days. Being a new real estate agent means you lack experience. But don’t worry, there are plenty of Brokers that will hire a newbie. Becoming a real estate agent involves commitment, steadfastness, and motivation. You’ve got to enjoy people and handle paperwork diligently. You have to get your real estate license before you decide to help buyer and sellers. And this means you’ll have to do a little real estate prep. Take classes, watch videos, intern at a brokerage – do everything you can to gain knowledge in real estate.


Tip Number One: Commit


Our first tip is, if you want to succeed as real estate agent fast, you need to fully commit. Commit to becoming a fully functioning agent that’s there for clients and working hard everyday. Especially in the beginning, you’re going to be working long hours. You’re going to be meeting with potential clients, doing paperwork, research, and hopefully showing some houses. You need to be on a path that will ensure your success and you do this by being present.


I often get asked, “How do I get credibility when I don’t have a track record?” And I tell them to show up. You can’t get better if you don’t show up. With an attitude of 100% commitment to being the best, you will keep yourself committed. We’re talking every single day getting out there, living and breathing real estate. This may take a toll on your personal life and I encourage you to make time for yourself as well. As a new real estate agent you cannot put your work on the back burner in your first 30 days.


real estate licenseDO

  • Eat nice food
  • See your family
  • Get some recreation in


  • Get to the office late
  • Take long lunches
  • Ignore client calls
  • Take the weekends fully off


  • Be there for your clients.


Now, this will get easier as you get better. In the beginning you’ll be learning a lot; even after you get your real estate license. Once you get better and know more things, you’ll spend less time looking up information because you’ll already know it. Your knowledge in real estate will continue to improve the further down the rabbit hole you get. Let’s talk about this point in a little more detail because it is our second tip…


Tip Number Two: Prepare


With that commitment to real estate as a profession comes being, and staying, prepared. Preparation includes a vast array of daily to-do’s, all of which are very important. But your knowledge in real estate will put you above and beyond what other agents are doing. Anyone can wake up early and spend time with clients. But if you know the market, city ordinances, availability, etc. you’ll have a major edge over other agents. I like to tell new agents to spend time helping established agents. If you can draw up and file paperwork or do leg work for them you can gain experience easily. Plus you can become acquainted with your fellow employees and establish yourself as a team player. A lot of people see real estate as a career where you work by yourself. And a lot of the time that’s true.


But if you can make an effort to help your co-workers, they’ll take the time to help you. Watch the most successful Realtors and see what they’re doing. Of course you can’t just mimic them because you’re still learning. So, let’s break it down in terms of how you should spend your day to use your time wisely:


  • Get in contact with people who eventually may buy or sell.
    • Call FSBO, Expired Listings, Circle Prospecting, etc
    • When you make a good connection with someone, ask for their email address to stay in touch.
    • Send an email to everyone on your list on a regular basis
    • Use a service like Aweber, Constant-contact, or Mailchimp to send emails


  • Always make calls/emails/texts from clients your number one priority.
    • Respond as fast as you can throughout your day.
    • Make sure to use this chunk of time finding clients too.


  • Spend at least two hours researching the market in your area.
    • Read blogs, check city facts, crime rate, schools stats, etc.


  • Utilize social media by posting and interacting with clients each day.
    • This can be in smaller increments like five minutes here, five minutes there.


  • Work on your own website or blog a little each day.
    • Make sure it stays fresh and updated.


  • Look at housing in your area each day.
    • Get to know the neighborhoods and the people in them.
    • Figure out which areas have what a potential client may need.


  • Spend an hour or two making connections that will help your help clients.
    • Talk to contractors, electricians, appraisers, notaries, etc.


  • Keep up to date on housing contracts of all kinds by reviewing different forms for a half hour to an hour each day.



You might be thinking to yourself, “That sounds like a ten hour + day!” Well, it is and that’s what you should be expecting as a new real estate agent. After getting your real estate license the real work begins. Let these first thirty days increase your real estate knowledge!


Tip Number Three: Believe


successful real estate agent

It’s going to get frustrating, I can guarantee it. You’re going to have clients ask for things that aren’t possible. People may drop out of existence or go with another agent. The paperwork takes some getting used to. There’s a big learning curve when it comes to getting your real estate license and actually doing the job. Throughout everything, you simply have to believe in yourself. Wake up every day and do your best. It’s the truth that clients recognize a hard worker and a sincere person. If you’re doing your best and pushing yourself to succeed, you will. The problem is when an agent allows the frustrations to get to them. I’ll be the first to tell you that working long hours is necessary but on the flip side… You do need to step away and have some time to yourself to quell any upsets.


You most certainly can become a successful real estate professional if you commit, prepare, and believe you can do it. Real estate agents are in a different kind of career than others. There’s a lot to know and do throughout each day and in an ever changing market. You won’t survive if you start getting lazy; this is not the job for that. Every day you have something new to do and a new person to work with. The most successful agents love meeting new people and love helping those people achieve their home goals. They’re great at negotiating and give a lot to their work. You can become a successful real estate agent if you take these first thirty days to establish your pattern.





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