get your first home buyerHow to get your first deal as a new real estate agent depends on your foundation as an agent. Your first time real estate sale will be exciting.  And I guarantee it will make you hungry for more! This Guide for new Realtors wouldn’t be complete without a thorough explanation. We want you to get those clients and get those closings quickly but within reason. There’s a few points we have to make throughout this guide that will help you on your way. From your foundation to your tactic to your personality; it all matters. Your skill set and ability to learn and grow as a new Realtor will be substantiated in your success.  So, let’s get started!


So we’re not going to talk about you going to your broker and asking for referrals. It’s awesome if they generate leads for you but most brokers don’t. So this is going to be about generating your own interested parties. You’ll learn what to say and how to say it to find people that are interested in buying and selling. If I was starting over as a new agent, here is how I would get my first deal fast:



Talk to everyone you know

Contact and talk to your entire personal circle. Friends and family are usually happy to help Word of mouth advertisingyou out when you’re new, especially if you’re under an experienced Broker. Ask them to keep their eyes and ears open for people they know will be buying or selling. When you’re new, you can offer people you know a discount on your commissions in order to get some sales. Don’t get worried about your lack of experience. That will quickly pass once you get a few sales. And if you can get experience by offering your clients a little perk, even better. Consider them your word of mouth marketing team!


Talk to FSBO and Expired Listings

I want you to talk to all for sale by owners and expired listings. Call them on the first day you see them – the sooner the better. If you can’t get a hold of them by phone, give them a visit or write to them. Do everything it takes to get in front of as many of those people as possible. This is obviously something they don’t teach you in school so you have to simply get used to it. If you don’t naturally gravitate toward sales this may be a little uncomfortable. But don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. Bottom line is not to be scared to go out there and ask for business. I got a referral from someone in my personal circle that was a buyer and I ended up selling that first listing to a buyer that came, I went out there and found them, so go out there and get them that way now.



So that’s your first two steps: Your personal circle and then FSBO and expireds. FSBO and expireds are people that you already know want to sell; there’s no guesswork about it. This will help you get your first deal as a real estate agent!



Host an open house

The third way to get business fast is with open house events. This can lead to your first time real estate deal. Now notice I don’t just call it an open house, I call it an open house event. An open house is where I take a listing, unlock the door, put up a sign and wait for somebody to come in. And then of course they’ll ask me to help them buy said house (or at least we hope).


An open house event is where I go out and make things happen. You set up a powerful open house event but you need a strategy. This may sound crazy but you’ve go to put up signs in and around the neighborhood. Go to local shopping areas and put out a social media campaign to advertise. Did you know that most people in your own neighborhood don’t own their home? They’re just renting! So you could potentially find a buyer that already knows and likes the area. As well, you get your name out to your community. And guess who they’re going to remember when they want to sell? YOU. When people come to the open house event, you’ll be there to greet them and sell them on you.



Be Confident

To get your first deal as a real estate agent, there’s a lot you can do. As a guide for new Realtors, I have to warn you that not everything will be in your comfort zone. Basically, you’re new and it may take a minute to get acquainted with being a Realtor. Think about any job you’ve had… The first three months are always you learning and making mistakes. The next three months are you improving. And the following six months are you actually getting good. The first year in a job is always a little rough. But if you can stick with it, you’ll be a pro in no time! Eventually, you’ll be remembering that first deal you got and wondering how you did it. Because, by then, you’ll be so much better!






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