So having those previous tips in mind, let’s go ahead and move on.  It baffles me that people don’t take the time to actually consider whom they are working with a lot of the time. That just leads to bad experiences and failed transactions.  What kind of a real estate agent do you want?


5. Personality


You want an agent that can match your personality type. Notice that wasn’t a question. The person you choose to represent you should be someone you like. They don’t have to have your same personality but you want them to be able to match yours. If they can match your personality, they can understand what you want. If you’re soft spoken, they can be soft spoken with you but an alpha when it comes to dealing with others. You’re concerned about your budget, they should be concerned with your budget. The only website that has matching criteria for real estate agents and buyers and sellers is USDRE. Take a minute to fill out their questionnaire and get matched with a real estate agent in your area.



6. Affiliations


home buyersThe agent you choose doesn’t just work by themselves. They work with a bevy of others in order to make you’re transaction work. Are they willing to work with someone of your choosing. For instance, do you already have a lender in mind? You know a notary and would like to use that person. Is your agent going to be okay with that? Or maybe their affiliates push a political agenda that’s not in line with your views. These are things you should know about your agent before you start working with them.



7. Access


Knowing when you’ll have access to your agent is very important. It’s something you’ll want to discuss before you start the home buying or selling process. I’ve seen so many people get upset that their agent doesn’t work on Sundays! Or maybe they stop responding to you after 5pm but you’re busy until 5pm. Look, everyone has different schedules. Just make sure that your agents schedule can match yours. If you want your showings to be on weekends, make sure they can accommodate you. If you like texting instead of talking on the phone, make sure they text. Just ask the questions right up front.



So there you have it – seven tips for picking a real estate agent! This may seem like a lot of information but it is worth it and really doesn’t take much time. The main question to think about is ‘what kind of real estate agent do you want’.  Getting the right agent in the first place will ensure several things… That you won’t have to switch agents mid-transaction.  That you can feel comfortable right off the bat. And now you won’t have to worry if you can get a hold of your agent at a particular hour of the day.



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