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Good reviewsThere are many questions to ask when choosing a Realtor to buy a home. Most people think about buying the buying process but, what about selling? Selling your home or property brings about its own issues. You want it to go to the right buyer and you want to get a fair price for it. Finding the right listing agent to help you achieve what you want is key. We’re down to our last five important questions that you need to be asking. This includes questions to ask a realtor when selling land, references, and other general information.


The sixteenth question is: “What will you want me to sign?”  It goes back into the listing disclosures and the listing agreement itself. You want to make sure that you have time to review that with your listing agent. Ask questions as needed without a rush. You want to be 100% confident in your agent before you sign anything. So many people rush in to the process and don’t have a proper meeting with an agent. You want a proper meeting and you want to meet with a few agents. Don’t just pick the first one talk to; circle back around if need be.

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Our next question, number seventeen, is about checking references. You could ask them for personal references, phone numbers of past clients, etc. See what they say… If a potential listing agent tells you to go online; they may not be the one for you. Think about it. If you are great at your job and have happy clients, wouldn’t you want to humble brag about it? They may not give you people’s names and telephone numbers. But they should at least grab their phone, bring up their reviews and tell you about a few clients and the situation regarding their transaction. Finding the right listing agent includes asking them about their past. It’s very simple to do a keyword search yourself. If an agent has reviews, they’ll be at USDRE. And that will tell you what the client thought of the agent. But what’s also important is what the agent thinks of their clients.

Are they excited to share their story about helping these people?  They should have good online exposure. That’s a great website, all the social media pages, and lots of profiles at trusted real estate websites. If they don’t, then maybe you should be reconsidering the agent. If they can’t put themselves online the right way, can they effectively market your house?


Just a few more things…

SOLDThe eighteenth question is, “Can you walk me through the home selling process?” Any strong listing agent is going to be able to identify what you’ll be going through. From the preparation phase, to signing the documents, to preparing to go on the market – all of it. What happens after you go on the market? When you should be able to expect offers, how to structure showings and make sure that it’s at your convenience…  Once you get an offer and you go through the negotiations, you’ll be able to start the final process. The closing process. And then finish up the final steps. There’s a lot, so, a good listing agent is going to be able to simplify it and keep it in perspective for you.


This includes where you are right now. They should also give you a foreshadowing of the things that are going to come. The questions to ask a Realtor when selling land are the same as selling a home; same process. Of course if there’s no structure, you’ll have a lot less to deal with.


Website’s are Important

Now, the nineteenth question is, “Do you have a website?” Ideally, you want to be checking for an HTTPS website, which would say “secure” in the URL of your search engine. You want to make sure Great website designthat not only do they have a website, but it’s a secure site where people can feel free to search without having the information hacked. It’s something to think about. You want an agent that has a very good website that’s easy to navigate. And it should fit well into the marketing plan of action to attracting more buyers to your home. This is more than just making sure they know how to market themselves. This is about making sure they’re protective about private information.




Now, the twentieth, and final question in our series is this: “Why should I hire you?” It may seem a little subjective. And this one’s pretty interesting, just to see what the agent is going to say. Obviously you want to hear them pitch themselves a little bit. By the time you come to the twentieth question, you probably already know whether you want to hire this agent. If they really want your business they’ll respect the question. And if you’ve already talked to them for this long… Well, hopefully you liked their answers and they liked talking to you. If they seem impatient or argumentative, they may not be right for you.


Let us know what you thought about this article! Leave a comment and let us know what your top home selling question to your listing agent is. As always, feel free to go back and re-read as necessary!


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