USDRE gives referrals to people that are looking for a real estate agent.

USDRE is unique in that we’ve had the opportunity to develop our own search algorithm.   At first, USDRE was driven by geo-location and community reviews but as the list grew, we developed the Agent-Match search algorithm which pairs people based on the principals of goodness of fit so that the person you are matched with is a good fit on both a professional and a personal level – after all, that’s the best way to have a smooth home transaction.


This is how USDRE can help you

If you see your area marked below, then you can benefit from a listing in the US Directory of Real Estate.  We are serving renters, home buyers and homeowners that are moving in and out of these areas.  According to our Agent Match algorithm, these are the areas where we get the most demand from our users.


Profile listings in our directory are free for agents to get listed, get reviews, and get referrals. We also have a premium option that can feature you at the top of your zip code. With this, we guarantee you will get home transactions – and we put that in writing.   View guarantee here.



We give people a referral as they are in the process of looking for an agent

For people that are looking to buy a home, sell a home, or rent – the USDRE can help them find their ideal real estate agent.  Through a short questionnaire, we analyze peoples values, beliefs, and outlook on life to find individuals who will work well together on both a personal and professional level. We discover the factors that people value most which helps make a home sale go as smooth as possible.


How much is USDRE going to cost you?

The service costs nothing!  Nada, Ziltch, Zero, No Money!   We are free for agents to get listed and get contacted from people.  We do not charge referral fees, listing fees, commission fees, or anything.  Our service also costs you nothing in terms of your time.  We will save you time by sending you only interested referrals.  The ONLY thing we ever charge for is if a good agent wants to be the featured agent in their zip code.  They’d pay a small monthly amount to be at the top of our search results.  With that we guarantee they make commissions as a result of the listing.  Click here for information.

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If you're in the market buying or selling, you should check out It's a really cool site. I enjoyed it.

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Well done, on what USDRE is doing in the real estate space. Leads Matter and so agents need to start looking around the corner. Do you know what I'm saying?

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USDRE is an incredible tool for any city, it is an amazing business. Keep doing your thing!

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I just purchased a home so I know how important it is to have a real estate agent on board. I came across, they can help - Check them out

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USDRE will help you solve a problem much faster than the normal way of going about doing it. Thanks for offering that free search engine to all of us.

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Congratulations to USDRE, you're doing good work helping people find their dream home.

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USDRE is a wonderful idea! A very good, functional, very useful and free service.

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Talk about a search engine,, a free search engine for homebuyers and home sellers. What a great thing.

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USDRE is a great source of referral business

There is no better lead than a good referral. USDRE is a source of referrals for both real estate agents and home buyers & sellers.  People search the USDRE because it is easy, it’s reliable, it’s objective, and it’s free.  It is also safe to search on USDRE because unlike other real estate websites, we do not harvest personal data and sell it as leads.  With us, privacy is priority.

Agents and Brokers can apply to be the featured listing in their ZIP code by signing up for a PREMIUM profile below.