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    Address: 4080 Truxel Rd #100
    City: Sacramento
    Region: CA
    Zipcode: 95834
    Contact: 9163372764

    Sondra Shioya-Madden is a California Native as well as a self-starter from an entrepreneurial family. Her drive, dedication, and her take-charge attitude are the backbone of her business. She focuses on educating the client about the process of purchasing or selling their home and leaves no stone unturned throughout the client’s transaction. Sondra is persistent, making certain timelines are met while preserving her unwavering patience and professionalism in all aspects of the transaction. This approach ensures a conducive outcome for her clientele and allows all parties to witness her commitment to fairness and honesty. She has a phenomenal ability to negotiate extraordinary concessions while de-escalating tensions and putting her clients at ease.


    Sondra’s father is a first-generation immigrant from Japan, and her mother is a Native Californian. Sacramento homesThey passed down to Sondra the attributes of pride, compassion, and understanding. These characteristics have helped Sondra achieve her success as a business owner, mother, wife, and friend. She helps set expectations while implementing her down-to-Earth charisma preparing her clients for the varying facets of the transaction. Don’t wait to make your real estate dreams come true. Call Sondra today! She is ready to assist you in all of your real estate needs.

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    LicensedYesNo: Yes
    License Number: 01988446
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