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    Address: Redondo Beach
    City: Redondo Beach
    Region: California
    Zipcode: 90278
    Contact: 310-427-4901

    Redondo Beach RealtorNazifa ‘Nazy’ Hafezzada helps you buy or sell a home in Redondo Beach, CA! “Buying or selling a house can be stressful and overwhelming. My name is Nazifa ‘Nazy’ Hafezzada and I’m looking forward to making your next real estate transaction a pleasant experience.”  Because Nazy has over a decade of experience in real estate, she will make you comfortable with the process. Her roots in law have given her unique insight in to the housing market, contracts, and negotiations.


    Nazy Hafezzada is one of those people that immediately responds when you contact her. Family is importantLiterally, send her an email or text and you’ll get one back within a minute. She almost always answers her phone but in the event that she can’t, she’ll call you back right away. The level of service she provides is unprecedented! As for finding you the house of your dreams, it’s hard to go wrong in Redondo Beach. But to have Nazy on your side is so important to your success. She knows what she’s doing when it comes to selling or purchasing a home. Whether it be paperwork, contracts, or even finding appraisers or inspectors; Nazy has the contacts. And, best of all, Nazy knows the importance of family. Getting you the best price on your home sale or purchase will help your family. That’s priceless.


    R e d o n d o   B e a c h

    beach city realtorRedondo Beach is a one of a kind beach city in Southern California! Near the hustle and bustle of LA life but far from it… Redondo is a dreamy beach town you’ll immediately fall in love with. Because the town is largely residential, you won’t find a lot of tourism here. This makes it a perfect place to live. You’ll find plenty of unique restaurants, culture, and of course, outdoor experiences. The beaches are beautiful and never too crowded. A fantastic place to raise a family, Nazy knows first hand! The small town feel makes commuting to work easy via spacious access points to larger neighboring cities. All in all, Redondo beach is the perfect place to call home!


    Realtors in Redondo Beach, CA


    Primary zip codes: 90277, 90278, 90260, 90250


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    LicensedYesNo: YES
    License Number: 02037613
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