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    Address: P.O. Box 787
    City: Culebra
    Region: Puerto Rico
    Zipcode: 00775
    Contact: 787-435-3955

    Culebra is known to those who cherish it as “the Spanish Virgin Island”. It is a tiny three by seven mile unspoiled treasure of the Caribbean located 15 miles off the northeast coastal town of Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Officially, Culebra is part of Puerto Rico, so visitors are within a commonwealth of the United States. Passports are unnecessary and the currency is U.S. dollars. There are approximately 1,800 residents and most will return a smile or hola. The official language is Spanish though a majority of the people speaks English. Culebra caters to eco-tourism providing great opportunities for turtle watching, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, flats and off shore fishing, sea kayaking, bird watching, and hiking. You won’t find any major hotels, casinos, fast-food chains or night clubs. “Open Some days, Closed Others” is a common theme with many establishments on island.

    What you will find are some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. The coral formations around the pristine shoreline and the surrounding Cays make up an underwater forest of uncompromising beauty and adventure. Culebra includes the island of Culebra and many smaller offshore islands. Culebra is largely undeveloped with approximately one third of its 7,000 acres are designated as wildlife reserves.

    Unlike many Caribbean islands that have over developed in the past 30 years, Culebra has maintained its rural dignity. Indeed, there are few places left that can offer the pristine beaches, diving, snorkeling, fishing, and naturalist opportunities such as turtle watching and bird watching. This is an island that has not caught up to the stress, pressures, marketing, materialism, and crime of modern day.

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    License Number: C-19612
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