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    Address: 2103 S Wadsworth Blvd
    City: Lakewood
    Region: Colorado
    Zipcode: 80227
    Contact: 720-416-3867

    Learn About the Real Estate Market

    Cassie Morris is a specialist in Colorado, educating buyers and sellers on the process and market.  It is her goal to change the way the public feels about real estate through education, information and support. Learn about the real estate market in a hands on experience. Cassie is in it for you!



    Advanced Solutions Asset Management, LLC provides custom real property services to property owners throughout Colorado. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service within the budget and vision of the property owner. Cassie is an expert in this field. She is committed to protecting the value of its property owners real property. Renters can assured they get to work with some one who cares as well.


    Cassie provides individualized services to each and every property owner. You can determine how much involvement you want from us. Let us management everything or choose specifics that you want us to take off your plate. Learn about the real estate market from the best or the best! Cassie strives to provide the utmost transparency when it comes to your property. Because of this, she’ll be completely open and honest. Communication is a must and we have a flexible schedule to accommodate your needs. Need to get in touch over the weekend? No problem!


    Are you interested in selling or renting your property? Let us give you some stats on your place here!




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    LicensedYesNo: Yes
    License Number: FA.100081393
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