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    Address: Miami, FL 33101
    City: Miami
    Region: FL
    Zipcode: 33101
    Contact: (305) 760-9121

    World Class RealtorAleksandra Marzec is a Realtor that specializes in luxury homes for sale in Miami, FL! Originally from Poland, Aleksandra’s clientele spans over a multitude of countries. She’s truly at the top of her game when it comes to everything involving real estate. An incredible source of knowledge, Aleksandra knows how to find you the perfect home; luxury or not. With numerous magazine spreads, awards, and appearances, meeting Aleksandra is like meeting a celebrity! But don’t worry, her down to earth, helpful nature will not intimidate. As well, she truly knows what she’s doing.


    “Aleksandra Marzec is the CEO and founder of The World Realty. She’s a well-established realtor in the Miami region with 16 years of real estate experience under her belt. Not the average real estate agent, she will throw you for a loop with her work ethic! She has a keen grasp on real estate investments, financing, foreclosure and bank owned properties, exchanges and creative financing. Aleksandra and her firm set the benchmark for personalized real estate agencies in Florida.”


    No Compromising

    The World Realty does not merely specialize in marketing homes and Best Miami Realtorcondominiums. They help buyers to make their Miami real estate dream a reality by conducting extensive market research on properties. As well, they provide knowledge on financing and loan processing, estimating costs, and assisting with insurance policies. You’ll have instant access to the largest inventory of residential real estate at your finger tips.


    Because The World Realty helps sellers to get the premium price for their property, they flock to Aleksandra. Methods include advertising the property across 20+ countries on 3 continents. And within 48 hours of listing with the company, the property will be featured on 800+ highly focused websites.This ensures maximum exposure.


    Buyers and sellers in Miami, FL and around the world benefit from this star treatment!


    Primary zip codes include: 33131, 33132, 33139, 33109, 33140, 33141, 33154, 33160, 33137, 33138, 33133, 33143, 33156, 33158, 33146, 33137, 33127, 33132, 33149


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    Luxury home sales

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