The #1 thing we do here at USDRE is connect home buyers and sellers with real estate agents, so having your agent profile active and up to date is vital.  We also offer a number of other services (below) that you may not have thought of before – services that can really help you get an edge, which translates into more business for you.


The USDRE is a national search engine that matches home buyers and sellers with qualified real estate professionals. Our Agent Match search algorithm pairs agents with their ideal clientele so that home transactions go as smoothly as possible for everyone!

Typical listings are free but a paid listing will actually make money for you.


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*below are additional real estate services we provide.



Social Media Boost – Do you use Twitter Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook or any other social network? We can help give you a boost in likes, shares, views and reviews. We will put our resources to work to give you a leg up. 


Youtube Video Creation – We will make a custom video and optimize it to rank on the first page of youtube for you. 


Youtube Optimization – We can optimize your video settings so that it actually ranks high in the youtube search engine. Youtube is the #2 biggest search engine in the world. Your video should be ranking on the first page for the right keywords. We will do that for you.



Recognition by the USDRE – For a small application fee, you can enter your profile to see if you qualify for recognition by the DRE. You must have an active profile and be a verified licensed professional. We will give your data a special review to see if you fit into specific categories that recognize achievements and other excellent behaviors. Oftentimes, simply displaying a recognition award from the DRE can provide a boost in credibility and give a leg up over other agents. 



Photography – Available in select areas. If you are selling a home, a professional photographer can give you amazing views that can lead to more competition for the home which means a higher price for your seller. We have Drone photography and interior 3D imaging to give your home listings the latest in technology and showcase them above all others.



Communications Services – One of the best ways a Real Estate Professional can get noticed is by getting a 1-800 toll free phone number. A toll-free phone number forwards to your cell phone or voicemail, unblocks ALL incoming caller ID’s, keeps track of all your callers, and provides you privacy. We have a special deal with the phone company that has a great phone service for Real Estate Pros.



Published Profile Bio on other RE site – It is always good to get awards and accolades. You will get a professionally written biography about you and your involvement in real estate, business, the community, etc… The article will be published on a news and information site. It’ll make you sound real good and give you some good lines about yourself that you can quote.



Custom Website with domain. If you are currently using your brokers website and webforms, it is time to break away from the pack – A designer will make a custom real estate wordpress website for you so you can upload listings and show off your strong points. We make this easy and affordable! 



Get your online footprint some Curb Appeal – Have your personal and professional data found and reviewed from the perspective of a buyer/seller.  A professional will review and suggest optimization strategies to you that will give your online profile/website/social accounts the kick they need to remove any and all obstacles and objections a buyer/seller might think. Modify certain words, pictures, titles, etc to appeal to your audience. We will provide you a report with suggested changes and offer help to implement the changes. 



Custom Logo design – As a real estate professional, you are a brand, we can take your personal name or business name and make it into an incredible logo.  Some people don’t even have a brand. A new professionally designed logo can get you recognized as not only a professional, but as a trusted company. We have teamed up with professional graphics artists that will custom design a logo for you, based on you. 




Tell us your interests and we will contact you.

Even though all of these services cost money up front, they actually MAKE YOU MONEY.


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