Selling your home in 2020 will be easier than you think! Want to find a buyer quickly, spend less on your sale, and maximize your profit? USDRE’s guide to selling your home in 2020 is your number one resource to help you get that SOLD sign up!


Selling your home in 2020

How involved do you want to be? The more involved you are, the less you’ll have to pay to someone else. But let’s be honest, we’re not all meant to be real estate agents. Here at USDRE we recommend getting a seller’s agent. Even if you want to be really involved in the sale of your home, it’s tough to do it all. Putting it up on the MLS and meeting with your buyer’s agent is a big job. Obviously you need a great agent to assist you and, of course, the USDRE is your resource for finding what you need! You want an agent that will work with you or for you and let you have as much or as little involvement as you want.


So, if you own a home already you’re probably familiar with having an agent. One of the major things that makes an agent right for you is your own comfort level. If you’re feeling uneasy or unhappy with a particular person, they’re probably not for you. But it’s not hard to find a great agent that will work well with you – just take a couple minutes to do a little research here.


Selling a home using Social Media:


We recommend that you or your agent get social media friendly. Post on your own social media and make sure your agent or brokerage posts about it as well. Some people go as far as to create accounts for their homes and it works wonders! If you aren’t living in your home you can hire a stager. This is someone that comes in basically decorates the house in a really cool way. They make it look like home. Take a bunch of pictures and post them every where you can. Create an Instagram for your home sell and use those pictures, use tags, and interact with other accounts that want drive your sale. To save money, don’t keep the staging furniture and accessories for too long. If you’re living in your home while you sell, keep it clean and keep it simple. Make it look like you don’t live there.


Keep in contact with your agent and ask about their advertising strategy. How active are they going to be when advertising your home. Choose Accordingly – If they’re an agent that just lists and hopes for the best, make sure you’re okay with that. If you want someone to push the sale, communicate that to your agent.


How to price your home right

buying a home

Because price is a huge factor and you’ll want to price accordingly, with some wiggle room. You probably want to make money off your sale but be realistic about the condition of everything. Thus, if prices in the neighborhood are rising, you’ll probably be able to make some money! If your house is in good condition; same. Selling your home in 2020 brings some good news. Projections by experts say that home prices should be increasing throughout the year. If you’re looking to sell and make money off that sale, 2020 is the year to do it! But be careful. Upticks in the market are usually followed by downticks. If you’re thinking about selling, don’t wait too long.


2020 Guiding:

If you’re a normal person, you have a job, family, and life that doesn’t involve knowing a bunch of information about real estate. Buying or selling your home this new year, 2020, is a mile marker in our culture. It’s the age of the internet and technology. You may not watch the market like a hawk or know how to bring in buyers or get the best price on your home… And your resources are endless. Just utilize what you can online, get a great agent, and be honest.




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