Ricky Carruth is a top real estate agent in Alabama (single agent) doing about 100 transactions a year, he is an author, a father, and now he is your free real estate coach.  Ricky shares a unique philosophy with USDRE.com, and that is valuing Relationships over Transactions.

Ricky is the only person we know that dedicates his time at no charge to thousands of agents simply because he wants to help reduce  the failure-rate of new agents in the industry.  He does this by candidly revealing his personal tools and methods through his free website, books, and social networks.  He teaches exactly what he did to become a top producer and Ricky is giving away his free action plan, calling scripts, toolbox, and more – just for signing-in.

Current Zero to Diamond members – get a free agent profile on USDRE to get referrals and collect clients reviews at no cost to you.

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USDRE members get free real estate coaching from Ricky Carruth.

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Are you a real estate agent?  Would you like to build your personal brand, generate leads at little to no cost, and be able to succeed in any market?  USDRE is here for your success.  Our whole search engine is a free tool, built to help agents succeed in getting referrals, reviews, and home transactions.

As part of that mission, we’ve partnered with the worlds premier free real estate coach, Ricky Carruth of the Zero to Diamond network.