important work in real estate salesA powerful word leads toward understanding

There are many words in the English language that are critical for selling. However, there is one word that trumps them all. This little word helps us uncover more about our prospects than any other. Unfortunately, most salespeople use this word far too infrequently.

The word is “Why?”

This tiny word packs a huge punch.  Asking “why” helps us understand what’s really going on with the prospect. Anytime your prospect says or asked something that you don’t completely understand. Just ask, why is that? Or why do you ask that? This helps you get right to the bottom of the issue.

Understanding our clients, makes for happier clients

Asking “why” gets us to the solution sooner. Think of yourself as a doctor. When you go to a doctor’s office, a doctor wants to learn as much as he or she possibly can before getting to the solution. So when you’re in a selling situation, anytime a prospect says anything that seems of importance, you can simply ask well, why do you say that?


Asking “why” shows real interest in your client. I say this all the time, prospects only care about themselves. They don’t care about us. And by asking “why” – this puts us on the same team with them, because we’re showing genuine interest in them. Asking why shows that you are totally focused on them.


Happier clients refer more business leading to more clients

When we can understand our clients motivations we can connect with them and help on a deeper level. uses our Agent Match search engine to match home-buyers and sellers with their ideal real estate agent because we are always asking the question – why?


Through a short questionnaire taken during registration, we analyzes peoples values, beliefs, and outlook on life to find individuals who will work well together on both a personal and professional level.  When buyers and sellers are looking for an agent, they will be referred to the most qualified agents based on goodness of fit.

agent match search algorithm

The results are that you’ll be getting contacted from people that are interested in doing business with you.  These are people that need an agent, they got a recommendation to check you out, they did, they liked you, and the first time you’ll hear from them or do any work is when THEY contact YOU.  That’s the best type of “lead” you could ever get.


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