• Upgrade/Activate an Agent Profile

Part 1

The premium plan is normally $199 per month, but we are going to discount that for you to $[_____]: (type price, e.g.: $119/mo)

We are also waiving the $99 setup fee

Let's Setup the Profile

Basically just going to copy some of your information to our system here:

(Copy) Name+Company (as it appears on Profile)

(Copy) Publicly Listed Phone Number

(Copy) point of contact's First+Last Name

What is your Cell Phone Number (wont be shared)

Whats your Email Address (for our company to use to contact you about your profile?)

For the Billing...

The total cost is just $[______] per month

The first charge will be billed within the next 3 days, then 30 days thereafter.

Did you want to put that on a Visa? or Mastercard?

Enter Credit Card Number (We also take American Express, Discover)

Whats the Expiration Date?

And what is the Security Code (usually its on the back of the Card but AMEX has it on the front)

What's the Cardholders Name that's Printed on the Card?

And whats the Billing Zip Code (where the bank sends the bills)

(Type) Name of USDRE Sales Agent (if anyone)


Now we'll need some basic information for our Agent Match Search Algorithm

Let's start by Listing All Cities, Area Names, then ZIP codes that you service (separated by a comma)

What is Your Primary Zip code?

Now I'm going to ask you some questions about who you want to be doing business with. Obviously you want to work with home buyers and sellers, what about:

*Relocation is important because we specialize in home buyers that are relocating more than 200 miles. Many times buyers need to sell their home in their current city as they begin the search for a home in their new city.

Now we're going to narrow-down what type of people do you want to contact you?

(Type) What other languages you can speak to

What is your State-Issued License number(s):

OK, that's it. That's going to start the process. You're going to get a couple of emails within the next couple of days. One of those will have a copy of your account information with your username and password to login to your profile.

Over the next 30 days you'll see some minor changes to the surface of your profile as our optimization team is making changes and we feature it in our search results.

They may also contact you if they have questions or suggestions.

We'll be emailing you a receipt for the service along with our contact info so that you can have that on file. And of course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime.