The US Directory of Real Estate is powered by the homeowners and Agents that use our service.  Behind the scenes, USDRE is built and managed by a diverse team of very motivated, very talented people that work together to ensure that USDRE is operating the best it can.  Contact USDRE



Eric Bradshaw – Founder

Eric Bradshaw is the Author of the Directory of Real Estate and original co-founder of USDRE, Eric Bradshaw set the vision for the direction of the company and inspires team leaders to innovate with new ideas.

+1-888-698-7373  x507      E.Bradshaw



Pai Jeterman – CEO 

Pai has more than 25 years of experience as a technology executive, working to drive corporate transformation in the real estate and information technology sectors.  Pai balances the corporate world of USDRE and the software products we create.

+1-888-698-7373  x512      P.Jeterman




Logan – President of Operations

Logan is an entrepreneur, computer programmer, and marketing expert that helped conceived of the idea of Agent Match (the search algorithm that powers the USDRE search engine) after the directory was launched in 2008.

+1-888-698-7373  x510      Logan



John – Vice President of Operations

John is the Vice President of Operations and senior leader at the USDRE.  He is responsible for the  coordination between our team leaders and implementing our strategy for using technological resources.

+1-888-698-7373  x501       John



Renee – Director of Operations

Renee is Director of Operations of USDRE and directs the Agent Support teams along with Executive Support teams to help guide the company vision through direct observation and interaction with USDRE users and team leaders.

+1-888-698-7373  x503      Renee




Nicholas  – Board of Directors

Nicholas is a talented business owner with vast experience as a real estate agent, and corporate director as well as a sales coach.  Nicholas has helped guide the USDRE using his insights and background in the corporate world of real estate.




Travis – Board of Directors

Travis is a Psychologist who has helped guide the USDRE through his extensive business experience and understanding the factors that people value most when it comes to working with others.  He has helped design the data-sets that create the neural network algorithm behind the USDRE search engine.




Rocky – Board of Directors

Rocky is an experienced real estate agent, business owner, and web developer that helped the USDRE establish the direction of the company through research and analysis.  A graduate of Penn State University focusing on employment relations.  Rocky’s real world expertise is ‘people’ and how to make meaningful connections.





Elizabeth  – Public Relations

Elizabeth is originally from Nairobi, Kenya and is a professional writer that helps develop content for our optimization team at USDRE.  Elizabeth has had a passion for press and media since she was young and is now realizing her dream as head of the USDRE press department.




Ayoub  –  Editorial Manager

Ayoub was born in Casablanca, Morocco and he is an expert in web development.  Ayoub coordinates with (and manages) our team of third party content moderators.  Ayoub helps the USDRE by maintaining the website and associated data through interfacing with independent moderators.




Crystal  –  Executive Assistant

Crystal is a professional writer from Jamaica. She works with the USDRE Agent Support department helping home buyers and sellers, and real estate agents to work with USDRE. Crystal is a positive team member and works diligently to ensure that our users get the best service possible.





Dinesh  – Vice President of Software Engineering

Dinesh is the team leader for the primary team that maintains the Agent Match algorithm.  With over 13 years of professional software development, Dinesh is able to think out of the box and deliver simple and effective designed technical solutions for USDRE.




Nitin – Vice President of Software Development

Nitin is an expert computer programmer and leads our second level data team in the continuing development of USDRE and the technical support services provided to users of USDRE.  A leader with outstanding skills – Nitin works endlessly to ensure that is running smoothly.




Saqib  – Vice President of Data Analytics

Saqib is a data expert who works to maintain the USDRE Agent Match search algorithm.  Saqib coordinates communication between homeowners and agents through the USDRE website.




Shelly  – Vice President of Advertising/Marketing

Shelly is a seasoned scriptwriter and editor in the real estate industry. Shelly has more than 7 years experience writing real estate-related marketing content and working with publishers and periodicals.



John Jacobs  – Administrative Assistant – johnj

Timothy Edwards –  Special Assistant – edwards

Phil Hertz – Marketing Manager – phil

Paul Randall – Web Administrator – paul

Crayze Roshni – Agent Support – crayze

Julie Muia – Social Media Admin – muia



Quinter – Attorney – Chief Legal Counsel

Quinter is an Attorney in the  Litigation Department for USDRE and specializes in Dispute Resolution and Employment & Labor.   Quinter has extensive experience in complex, multi-district litigation, especially in matters involving Internet law, Civil rights,  and Real Estate.



James Morris – Legal Assistant – james.m

Johnathon Burbank – Legal Assistant – john.b

Barbara A. Carol – Financial – carol




Names Not Publicly Listed – Network Security Officers

Our team of IT engineers are responsible for our network and data security.

For security reasons, the Team Members are not publicly listed.





Content Moderators

The USDRE works with a group of independent 3rd party moderators that have access to edit/remove user content on the USDRE platform.  They operate within strict rules outlined in the published USDRE content Guidelines.  Our Editorial Manager is the liaison to the Moderation group.





USDRE Real Estate Council

The USDRE Real Estate Council is a group of independent industry professionals that give informal guidance to the USDRE Executive Team Members when approaching challenges or determining compass heading. The REC consists of volunteer Real Estate Agents (retired & active), Homeowners, Related Professionals (Attorneys, Contractors, etc) – who give USDRE advice a few times per year.  .




USDRE is also supported by a great group of team members in our Support departments.

In addition to the leaders we have listed above; USDRE works with a talented group of Agent Support representatives and Content Moderators that are the lifeblood of our day to day operations.


USDRE also works with dozens of celebrities, thousands of Realtors, and hundreds of thousand of homeowners.  We work with the biggest brokers, and are in contact with some of the biggest networks in terms of media.  USDRE is powered by hundreds and thousands of individual people that make the Directory of Real Estate a success.

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