Before people search for real estate, they search for a real estate agent.   

We help people locate the right agent who can make the transaction go as smooth as possible.

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Even if you are in the beginning stages of buying or selling a home, consulting with a licensed real estate agent can clarify questions you may have. When you think you are ready, get started today by clicking the picture that says SOLD and we will pair you up with an agent or broker who is eager to help you with this important decision.

What are Agents Saying about the DRE?

agent"Thanks to the DRE for hosting my profile page. I can say I consistantly get calls and emails from my page on the DRE and the best part is that the people contacting me are very well informed compared to the calls I get from home listing websites where people call and ask the home price and want to hang up, the calls I get from the DRE are questions about me from people who are ready to sign a Buyer Representation Agreement. I could survive from the business I get from the DRE."

Tom Sanderson
Los Angeles, California

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